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SAMPRA :: Terms & Disclaimer


By using this site, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read this carefully.

You may use the site only as expressly permitted here. 
The applications on this site are licensed for free use only for non commercial purpose.  This site can also be used freely for any educational purpose or academic interests.
You may use texts, images, applications on this site for any non commercial purpose.  You may not distribute/ sell the results obtained by the use of applications on this site for your commercial interests.  If you wish to use these applications for commercial purpose, you must obtain permission in writing from the SAMPRA.
You may use the application tools in the site only for preliminary design, analysis and estimation of your projects.

Liability for our Services
We provide our services using a reasonable level of skill and we hope that this will serve the need. But you must comply with any technical limitations of the applications on this site.
Other than as expressly set out, SAMPRA doesnot make any specific promises about the services. For example, Sampra gives no guarantee for the degree of accuracy of the results obtained by the use of applications on this site.  However, we continuously make improvements and/ or add new features to the applications to obtain greater degree of the accuracy of results to meet needs of the users.
You may seek consultation from qualified engineering organisation to get your solutions before acting directly upon the results obtained from the use of applications on this site.
You cannot claim from SAMPRA any consequential damages, financial losses including lost profits, indirect or incidental damages arising out of the use of applications on this site.
If you do not agree to the terms for use of this site, you should discontinue using this site.