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SAMPRA :: Crane


Crane is an equipment/ machine which is used to lift/ lower & transport material from one place to another within an area.
Depending upon its application the cranes are classified into following types :

  • Electric Overhead Travelling crane
  • Gantry or Portal Crane or Goliath Crane
  • Semi-Gantry or Semi-Portal Crane or Semi-Goliath Crane
  • Jib Crane
  • Tower Crane
  • Mobile Crane
Crane can be installed indoor or outdoor depending upon requirement. Based on the mechanism of its motions, cranes may be classified as Hand Operated Travelling Crane or Electric Operated Travelling Crane.

EOT Crane
EOT Crane

Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) crane:
Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes or EOT Cranes consists of trolley/ crab which is mounted on bridge/ girder. Trolley moves across the bridge. Bridge moves across the gantry. Since these cranes are installed on gantry which is overhead and since these cranes are operated electrically, they are called Electric Overhead Travelling crane.
Depending upon the construction Electric Overhead Travelling Crane can be further classified into :
  • Single Girder EOT crane
  • Double Girder EOT crane
  • Four Girder EOT crane
  • Under Slung crane
These cranes find great application in steel plants, workshops, power plants, ports, etc.