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SAMPRA :: Mobile Crane or Construction Crane


Mobile crane are used to move load where flexibility in path of movement is necessary requirement.

They consists of a hoisting boom which can be inclined/ declined as per requirement. Generally they have telescoping boom which are hydraulic powered. The length of telescopic boom can be increased/ decreased as per requirement.
The boom has a hook at the end that is suspended by wire rope and sheaves. The hook be lifted/ lowered through roping arrangement.

Mobile cranes are either mounted on Crawlers or heavy duty Truck with rubber tired wheels.
Truck mounted cranes can be navigate easily along roads at good speed. They are used in conjunction with outriggers or counterweights to keep them stabilized.
Crawler mounted cranes are used for very large loads. They have trackers or crawlers on their undercarriage that keeps takes care of heavy loads. Crawler mounted cranes have limitation in their travelling speed.

Mobile Crane Construction Crane
Mobile Crane