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SAMPRA :: Jib Crane


Jib cranes are used where hoisting/ lowering of materials in limited small area is required.

Jib cranes consist of following major parts:-

(i) Mast - It is the vertical steel component of the jib crane. It is a fixed pillar on which an jib is installed. The height of the mast is suitable to lift the load to the desired level.

(ii) Boom - It is the horizontal beam upon which the hoist trolley travels. This is known as 'jib' of the jib crane. The boom can swivel around the mast.

(iii) Hoist Trolley - It is an electric hoist mounted on the jib of the crane. It can lift and lower the load through wire rope and hook mechanism. The hoist block can move along the length of the boom.

For details of hoist trolley of jib crane kindly refer Electric Hoist .

Jib Crane
Jib Crane